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Monday, July 7, 2014

"This Week Kansas City iPhone Doctor Visit's Wesport Floral"

"This Weeks Repair Pic's"

Westport Floral Designs,

    So a very nice man called me late in the week and asked if I could come and fix his mangled iPhone 5 that had stopped functioning properly. I said.. "Absolutely" and was on my way in minutes! He then just had his assistant text me his address and who to ask for. And I was there in minutes!

When I arrived much to my surprise it was a fully stocked flower shop and was bustling with all kinds of people ordering large gorgeous bunches of Flowers! Here are the pics from Kansas City's iPhone Doctor on location at Westport Floral Designs Repairing the Proprieters life line!

Kansas City's only and fastest mobile repair service!

For your quick and painless cracked iPhone screen repair, 
Call (816)-343-4362 
Mike the "Kansas City iPhone Doctor"

Immediate Services Available Everyday!

We fix all iPhone Cracked Digitizer and Glass Screens and any other issues you may be having!

For your next bouquet of flowers visit...
1001 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO

And as always I give a shout out to Westport Floral Designs!