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Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 A New Year Mean's A New Repair Visit!

A New Year Mean's A New Repair Visit!

So Let's Look At Some Of 2015's Repairs

            So a new year is upon us! But I would like to post a small post about this years iPhone and iPad repairs I have done. Let's take a look!

I remember receiving this iPad Air repair from a local shop in Overland Park, Ks.  That honestly could not quite get the job done!

So I after my magic. It looks like this!

Looks Much Better! Like New!

So This iPhone 5 owner had a really bad week traveling from India. So Tape was put on to try and stem the fingers from being all cut up! So I was called to come help the problem!

Looks Much Better after a little TLC from the iPhone Doctor.

If you find yourself needing help with your apple mobile device, I can rush to you and get your iPhone, iPad, or iPod fixed up in minutes!

Back to my collage from 2015,

Sometimes a slip and fall on ice is all you need to really have a bad day!
Like this iPhone 6 at H&R Block Downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Owner was pretty upset. But I soothed the situation! So I made it easy for them. And fixed it in minutes!

After wards you couldn't even tell. The bad day had even happened.

This iPad Air fell from it's pocket book case at St. Lukes Medical Center by the Plaza in Kansas City,Mo. Leaving it unable to respond to touch or function correctly. So the nice owner gave me a ring and I was dispatched to come take care of the problem!

After about 20min of being in my intensive care unit. I was able to have it functioning and looking new. 

This iPhone 6 fell out of a pocket. And I was dispatched to come help in Midtown Kansas City, Mo. At a local Plumbing supply company. Most people think that when the iPhone starts to chip solid glass pieces from the screen and not display a picture. It's done for! Well that's simply not true. After about 12min I had this baby like new! 

Not to brag! BUT! LOL I was on Fox 4 this past year for the Text Message Trap you never want to receive!

Here is the link to the news story at fox 4 news below.

or here is the video 

On the road to another appointment!


So 2015 was a pretty great year for Kansas City iPhone Doctor or Mr.-Mike Weston. And I can only see nothing but great things for 2016. Thank You Kansas City, you all have been very generous to me opening your offices, homes and other places you have invited me come to fix your devices. I look forward to another great year of service to you!

Mike W.
Kc iPhone Doctor