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Thursday, July 7, 2011

iPhone 4 Broken Screen Repair

Kansas City
Have you Broken your iPhone 4 Screen? 

That is very Repairable
Be careful getting your iPhone fixed out there!

I can meet with you to fix your iPhone!
Out Fixing a customers iPhone at Starbucks on the Plaza!
Need your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s Cracked Glass Fixed?
Call Mike 816-343-4362

Kc iPhone Doctor Repairs iPhone 4 screen

So I received a call today. A new customer asked me if I repaired iPhone 4 screens. And I replied. "Yes I do. And when would  you like to have your iPhone 4 fixed?" So within the hour I was sitting at a table at Starbucks on the Plaza. Waiting on my new customer Mr. M. Who needed his iPhone 4 screen replaced. So when I met my new customer at Starbucks. I looked at the damage. And said, "NO PROBLEM Mr. M we will be out of here very quickly!" My customer looked at me in Shock! And asked me?, "REALLY MIKE?" I assured him yes. So I begun taking the iPhone apart as usual. And my new customer asked me. "Mike. Why is your price $150.00, When I could have someone on Craigslist do the same thing for 60 bucks." I stopped myself. And looked up and said kindly, "Well Mr. M, I could not charge that price. Because more than likely the same replacement screen that person is using. Is a knock off or should I say a cheap imitation screen that is really not up to par. It's not what you should ideally use for your iPhone 4."Ultimately the screen the other person would try and attempt to install on your iPhone 4. Will usually fail in a matter of Day's if not right away."After I explained this. Mr. M. Had a relieved look on his face. So I assumed it was because he felt a little relief. Because I gave him a truth not many people even know. I continued to explain to Mr. M., That I routinely have people call me because someone has tried to install a screen they have bought from Ebay. And it does not work out. Because the screen they buy is really not supposed to be used at all. Most of the iPhone 4 Screens bought on Ebay. Are in fact "NOT" meant for the iPhone 4. They are totally different than what is mandatory to install on these technological marvel's. And what many people do not know. Is That the real iPhone 4 screens have the LCD and Digitizer completely glued together. And do not come from China. And cost more than 60 bucks. all the way up to 90 bucks. The hardware on iPhone 4 Screens are completely unlike the iPhone 3g and 3gS models.

Fake Apple Store's Opening



Click link below and see that all I am saying is very very true!!!
Fake Apple Stores open in China

So I would say if your considering or having a third party person or cell phone shop. Attempting to repair your broken iPhone 4 screen. Please do your homework first. So you do not become a victim of scammers and completely incompetent hobby enthusiast's. Even if they offer a nice looking website does not mean they know how to correctly and safely replace your iPhone's hardware. Please Be Careful! 

20 min or Less iPhone Repair's!

I do have a solution and alternative for being ripped off or worse. If you like I would be more than happy to do this job or any of your iPhone repairs myself for you. The iPhone 4 itself is intensely complicated to take apart. And to put it back together without missing a part in the process. Requires immense knowledge and background training. So when someone who does not have this training ends up installing a screen that is not appropriate. The iPhone 4 ends up not turning on correctly or it may show white lines on a black screen. Classic symptoms of someone not experienced enough for this procedure. Or not installing the screen correctly. Or even maybe using a malfunctioned screen. You get the picture. What I am getting at here is. That in the iPhone Parts and Technicians world. Is that ...."YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!" So I would rather spend the extra cash to have something done correctly. Instead of having to back track being frustrated. Which translates to spending more cash in the near future. And not having your iPhone fixed right the first time. 

So continuing on. I finished my screen replacement for Mr. M. in roughly about 15 minutes. And after talking a bit. It was time to move on to the next customer. I graciously Thanked Mr. M.,  for coming to me and told Mr. M. To Please spread the word about my service. And told him "He absolutely could count on me if he has any question's or needs another repair in the future." Then I picked up and left to another Starbuck's. LOL Hahahaha.

 So if you need your iPhone 4 Screen replaced properly and by someone who has plenty of professional experience. Please do not hesitate to give me a call at (816) 343-4362 or Email me at And usually I will have your iPhone 4 fixed up like new within the hour.

Below I am showing the iPhone 4 I worked on today. Need A iPhone Repair Kc? 
Kc iPhone Doctor  
Can Fix IT!!! QUICKLY!!!



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