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Monday, November 25, 2013

Plumbers Cracked iPhone 5 "FUNNY"

Plumber's Crack! LOL

Nov,25th 2013

This week I completely rebuilt a local Plumbers Cracked iPhone 5 after a horrible accident occurred with his machine.  Beginning...I noticed I had a missed call on my iphone 5. I curiously called the number back. And asked-"Hello this is the iPhone Doc and I just missed a call!" The light hearted but gruff voice on the other end of the line started to spell out. That..."he had a challenge for me." Laughing while telling me about his debacle. He said that. "He was a plumber and basically had dropped his iPhone 5 into his Auger machine making his new 2 month old iPhone 5 twisted metal. I sighed and laughed a bit when hearing his hideous description of what had happened and simply answered. "Yes Sir.!" "I will take a shot at making his iPhone 5 work like new again.

I grabbed my red and black tool bag, then jumped into my work car. Following the directions he gave me to his location to Downtown Kansas City,Mo. I arrived and greeted the nice plumber.

And this is what I was greeted with. LOL

iPhone 5 Destroyed by Plumber-The Entire Front is missing.

After I assessed the damages. I sat down at a work table and began to work my magic. After about 45 minutes I was done. Although it was destroyed when I sat down. It was now sparking and looking like it just came from inside the box. 

I showed the finished iPhone 5 to the nice Plumber and his eyes were in disbelief. He Thanked me enthusiastically and I was on my way to help solve another of the world's problems. lol

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