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Monday, February 2, 2015

Why fixing your iPad, or iPhone Maybe a Bad Idea!

This week in repair pics....

Why fixing your iPad, or iPhone by yourself... Maybe a Bad Idea!

1. iPad Air

Ok, So I received a call from a nice guy names Johnny, He had broken his iPad Air and was trying to follow the Youtube tutorial videos out there. And his repair ended up looking like this.

I immediately scheduled a repair appointment for him. And when I arrived,  I noticed he honestly did give it a honest try. But really needed a pro to get his iPad Air back to original functioning condition.

After about 30min. of correcting all the mistakes and replacing all parts broken. This is what Mike was able to pull off! A brand new looking and functioning iPad Air!!

2. iPhone 5 

So last week I received a call from a very panicked computer shop owner that had tried to repair an iPhone 5. That a nice customer had brought in. And basically this repair became so out of control they needed a Pro to come bail them out.

Here is what I had to work with when I arrived,

But all was not lost. After working my magic in about 20min this is the customers newly fixed iPhone 5. It's Like New And Operates Flawlessly!!!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post. And if you need a iPhone, iPad, iPod Repair Please visit our home on the web.
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