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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kansas City iPhone 3gs Glass Repair

Has this happened to you?

iPhone 3gS Broken Glass Digitizer

I am going to tell you a story about one of my customer's experience. How she broke her beloved iPhone 3gS 16gb glass digitizer.

I received a call one day. About a lady we will call Miss. K.,She called me and had told me she was at home. Then happened to accidentally drop her lifeline to the world. Her beloved iPhone 3gS. She called me after she had went to the local Apple store with her broken iPhone 3gS. The store had told her that in order to fix her iPhone 3gS. It was going to cost her a fortune "$199.99". So she was pretty much desperate to find a solution. Her iPhone wasn't working. She did not have the money to pay Apple for a repair. So she talked to a friend of her's. That I had previously fixed her iPhone 3gS for less than 80 bucks. And so she called me of course. And within the hour she had her Lifeline to the world or iPhone 3gS back to normal without having to spend a fortune. Or having to buy a brand new iPhone. Miss's. K. was very great full. And told me if I hadn't been referred by her friend. Then she was going to just buy a new iPhone all together.

This is quite the norm when it comes to busting your iPhone 3g or 3gS. So I am here to offer my services to anyone in need of a iPhone Screen repair or other iPhone hardware repair's. 

To Contact me the Kansas City iPhone Repair guy. And or as I have heard.. most people call me the Kansas City iPhone Doctor. All you need to do is fire off a quick email to me at . And I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. Or if your in a hurry please Call me or look at the other choices listed below. 

Most of my customers are return customers. This pleases me to be able to save people cash they do not have to waste. I guess I will go ahead and end this quick blog. By saying Thank you for reading. And my promise to any of my customers is "I will take care of your iPhone needs in a timely and quick manor."

Contact info..
Michael W.

Kc iPhone Doctor
Kc iPhone Repair


You may call me also,

Below is some more of my work!

Customer Brings me their broken 3gS iPhone, So At the Bottom I give the end product of my work!!
After a quick repair! Like New Again!