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Friday, September 25, 2015

iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S is here!

Should I rush to buy it?

I will give my opinion later. But please read on!

The iPhone 6S is here finally! But what I have to ask is.... "What is different on this iPhone from the last?" Well I am going to answer a few of these basic questions below.

1. 3D Touch -The screen is becoming smarter! It knows that your pressing harder and compensates with a remarkable new function. Pretty Cool!

2. It's FASTER! Supposedly the processor is 70% faster! I will need to see this to believe it. But I have been wrong before.

3. Live Photo's - This new function lets the user pick the exact shot from a series of small digital staging photos. Very Cool! 

4. New Cameras The 6S has a 12-megapixel camera on back that can shoot 4K video, and 5-megapixel camera on the front for FaceTime and selfies. Apple also made a bunch of under-the-hood improvements for better photos

5. Touch Less Siri Activation! - This new function lets you activate Siri without pressing your home button. All you have to do is Say "Hey Siri!" And Siri responds! 

6. It's Heavier! It may be heavier than the previous iPhone 6. But I think this is because so many people were having issues with the iPhone's case bending from pressures. Its good its more robust now. That seems like a great upgrade.

7. ROSE GOLD - We get a new color to choose from. All the other color's plus one new one! Rose Gold.

These are just of the few basic questions I wanted to answer about the new iPhone 6S Models. You still have the option to have the normal 4.7inch model or the bigger model that is 5.5 inches. They both are in HD. When it comes down to the brass tax of $649.99 to get this new iPhone I think I am just going to stick with my iPhone 6. What is your opinion? Comment below!

Very neat! Thank's For Coming to Visit!!

Here is a small video on the 6S from Tech Crunch.