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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mike How Does Your iPhone Repair Service Work?

Make your Quick Fix Appointment today!

This a Question I receive all the time. And the Service I give couldn't be easier for you the customer!

Let's get started.

1. You stumble across my blog or one of my Social Media Platforms : "Like Facebook or Google +"

2. You Give me a Ring at 816-343-4362 and tell me- "Hey DOC I Need something fixed!"

3. I usually have openings immediately available to fix your iPhone,  iPad, or iPod Touch.

4. After we set a Time..."YOU CAN COME MEET ME AT ANOTHER APPOINTMENT I AM AT- Like at Starbucks on the Plaza!"- "Or if your a Busy Professional Which Many of my clients are. I am able to come directly to your Office or Work Location for a small fee.

5. I fix your iPhone Literally in a couple of minutes. Right in front of you!


Me after a Quick iPhone 5 Screen Repair

iPhone 5 Screen Repair Examples From My Daily Rounds.