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Monday, December 2, 2013

10 Bizarre iPhone Repair Locations-The Doc Has Been Called to go!

Top 10 Bizarre iPhone Repair Locations

Today I asked myself a question, "Where are the top 10 bizzarest places I have been to fix a iPhones?" Since I am a Mobile iPhone-iPad-iPod Repair Technician. I travel to some very interesting locations in and around the Kansas City Area. And I have compiled a top 10 list of the bizzarest places I have been while fixing iPhones.

So I was watching top 10 animal videos on youtube. And was thinking..."What should I post next on my blog?" And as the gears turned in my mind. A Light Bulb just lit up! "I got it." I said to myself. I will tell the world the top 10 bizzarest places I have gone in Kansas City to fix iPhones. 

10. Construction Mayhem
Coming in at my tenth spot was the case of the Construction Business Owner. I was dispatched to the top of a abandoned building in Midtown. For a construction business owner. His iPhone 4 LCD had went completely black. I sat down and fixed it in a matter of minutes for this nice guy. The building I was in. Was stripped to frame only and I was 9 floors above the pavement. Jack Lines and Harnesses were used. Just a little wild if you don't like Heights.

9. A Cut Above
Number 9, I received a facetime call from a distressed lady at the hair salon! I arrived at the Hair Salon. To a completely frantic lady. Asking me if it's really possible to fix her cracked iPhone 4S. I assured her it would be a few minutes and she would be making phone calls again. To my delight and surprise. The lady was a hair stylus. And as I worked on her iPhone. SHE CUT MY HAIR!!! LOL I needed one anyway's and I figured to myself...."HEY WHY NOT!"

8. Kansas Road Trip
Number Numero 8, I answered an email for a guy who happened to own a bunch of deli shops all over the region. He asked me to drive all the way down in the middle of Kansas to fix a couple of his iPad's. Let's just say that was an expensive day for this individual in the middle of Kansas!

7.School is in Session
Winding down to 7, Is the Lady who is the school teacher. I got a call one afternoon to come to her school. And so I show up. To My surprise she is teaching class. And stops to place me in the back at a little peoples table. And in a matter of about 25 minutes I took in a my times tables again. And fixed her iPhone 3gS Glass Screen.

6. Police Simulations ShootOut!
Number 6 Spot, Police Academy daily training CQB Training. So I get a call from a KCKPD Officer one day. That was referred to me from one of my long time buddies. He needs me to show up at the Police Academy to fix his iPhone 4. He basically shattered the front screen and was receiving flak from others for having a busted phone. I arrived to find the place crawling with Police Officers and Recruits. I sat down in the middle of the Urban Simulations Shoot Office "LITERALLY!" And fixed his iPhone 4 in a matter of minutes. There were a ton of Guns around and they were practicing CQB. Or explained from my days in the Military as CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT.- So after I was done I sat and watched the action unfold. GREAT JOB TO ALL OF YOU! You Looked Good!

5. Royals Practice at Stadium
My number 5 is interesting...Royals Stadium-The Hallway leading from the Dugout!
So I got a call from a Royals Baseball player in desperate need to have His iPhone Fixed from water damage. So I go and see it actually is a Baseball player during free time practice. I Sat in the Hallway next to the Dugout at Royals stadium and fixed him up! Easy Snappy and Pretty Cool!

4.Wedding Blues!
So one Saturday in the Spring. I received a call from a bride at her wedding. I guess she was soo upset that her fiance did not show up. That she basically threw her iPhone across the room and it shattered and stopped working. I showed up weary. And had it fixed in a matter of minutes. And left as swift as I came. Not wanting to stick around from the fallout of a failed relationship. WOW! LOL

Counting down to the number 3 spot. Is the call I received from the Gangster from a Stash house. Needless to say. When I found out what was really up! I Burn Out! Quickly..!!
not fixing the iPhone in question.

2. 420 Celebrations 
So I get a call from a Nice lady at her friends place on April 20th 2013 about 3:39pm. Asking me to come over and fix her iPhone 4. I get there and am surprised to see they are having a rather smoky  celebration. This is the day I learned about 420 and it's meaning! I really could not believe it. LOL But anyway's I looked at her iPhone. And asked what I could do to help? She said..."It's not working right. It's way too slow!" I looked at her with her Blazed red eyes and said..."You may want to slow down today on your celebration. It's working just fine." And then everybody laughed histarically. Everybody asked if I would like join in...And I said Politely.. "No Thank you but Thank you! Then
left as quick as I could!" Laughing to myself!!! LOL 420!!!

1. Homicide investigation...
So I get a call one day from a detective asking me if I can bring back to life a iPhone 4S. And asked me to come out and fix his piece of evidence from an Homicide investigation He was conducting. I said "SURE!" And made an appointment to meet with the nice Detective. I go to the police station and fix it in his office while the chain of evidence was never violated. And success. He gets the information he needed from the newly fixed iPhone.

So These are just some of the Wild Places I have fixed iPhone iPads and iPods..I hoped you enjoyed this. I enjoyed telling about some of these weird iPhone-Repair locations.

More to Come Soon! Keep Tuned to my Blog!

Mike W.
Kc iPhone Doctor

Thank you to all who I borrowed my images from.