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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Repair Pics from 2014

All the pics below are from clients in the Kansas City Area.
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Received a call from a very nice lady that needed me to come to her office in Downtown Kansas City,Mo So This is the before and after-outcome! Total time from call to finished repair 1hour!

Received a call from a very nice guy that was from England and needed me to come fix his 5c at his Hotel. This is the Before and After.

This is a repair gone bad! 
So I received a call from a nice lady that had gone to one the many shops advertising on the web fast iPhone Repairs. And this is what she got. No REAL HELP!

So I told her by the time I am done it will look new!

 Becareful who you choose to fix your iPhone. It could turn out like this! A Real Mess!

I had her iPhone looking like  new in minutes!

This iPhone took a really bad fall! It fell 3 stories out of someones hand and smashed to the ground on pavement.

After my repair it looks and functions like new!

This iPad was sat on in a car. 

But a few minutes later I had it looking and functioning like new!

If you need a repair, 
As you can see we can have you fixed up in minutes. Just reach out to us and schedule a repair. Usually we can have you fixed up within a few minutes of arriving at your Kansas City Location.

As you can see 2014 has been a busy year for us.

Additional info for your repair below!

Mike the iPhone Doc with a clients badly damaged iPad!