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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Smorgasbord of iPhone iPad Repair Pictures



iPhone, iPad Repairs Pictures

The following images are of different devices that have been fixed the past couple of month's. Enjoy!

This iPhone 5S was basically a repair gone bad. The Nice Fellow never got past the screen disassembly. But I was able to salvage this case......With a little magic.

Tape is a common way to not get your fingers cut or slashed from the shards of glass. But this was funny one no doubt!

This was an unfortunate concrete duel. I think the concrete won.

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This is a prime example. That your strongest of smartphone cases will fail you if pushed beyond the normal levels of protection.

This can happen when your iPhone screen decides constant heat unglues the LCD from the Digitizer, leaving the iPhone in shambles after a drop.

This was a super example of why it's best to see if the shop your going to is expierienced enough and trained to give you that cheap 79.99 special! Clearly this one failed! But with a little magic I was able to salvage the unfortunate.

This iPad Air was a great example of buyer beware. The nice person just wanted to save an extra buck. But unfortunately was let down by extenuating circumstances. I see this often. When a shop that has that 40-99 dollar special and it ends up becoming a headache.

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