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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The True Cost Of Fixing Your iPhone Busted Screen

Be careful thinking your getting a deal on that screen repair!

March 2nd, 2016

Buyer Beware and Always do your homework before going to a repair business with the cheapest prices. You may regret trying to save on the cheapest repair.

     I am writing this blog post. Not as a form of discouragement. But as a cheat sheet when making a decision to fix your busted iPhone 6 screen. There are many repair shops popping up in our community's. And most of them are either put in these two categories.

A. Individuals wanting to help the greater good. And build a good reputation and build a small business. Helping people through their daily problems. 
B. Unscrupulous individuals that have no other interest in helping you. Except to make a quick buck from you.

I will go in to detail below on the quality and the different prices you can find in the repair service today. And not knowing which to stay away from could end up costing not only your iPhone handset. But your Data on the iPhone as well.

The Hard Truth!

I always feel that I need to start out with the good! So you just cracked or busted your iPhone from either dropping it or it bouncing off something hard like a concrete parking lot. And your needing an easy cheap way to get your iPhone fixed. Because the sight of a busted glass or a malfunctioning LCD is down right annoying. I get it! And I understand. Here is what you will probably run into out there. Looking solely on price. Explained below.

The differences in quality

Example A.1 

Original Replacement LCD/Digitizer 

Your probably asking yourself what makes this image of an iPhone 6 Screen Assembly "ORIGINAL"?

Look at the image carefully in the black ribbons. See the 2 Apple Logo's? That is what makes this iPhone 6 screen "Original".

How much would it cost to have my iPhone Repaired with an Original Apple screen?

It would run in this market about $199.99 and up give or take a few dollars.

Why So Much? 
Because iPhone 6 Original Screen Assemblies are nearly impossible to buy in a Original Factory Condition. 

Example A.2 
iPhone OEM Refurbished Screen Assembly

The highest quality you can find for a iPhone 6 Screen repair - Hight COST -High Quality Repair Service

Mike the "iPhone Doc" refurbishing screens


Original Equipment Manufacturer is when a original iPhone 6 Screen has been refurbished. To be sold or used as a replacement screen. Cost of this repair in this market is $149.99 give or take a few dollars where you look. 

I personally use OEM Refurbished screens to keep quality up. And keep my standards very high.

Example A.3
The Lower Quality You Can Expect from a Seedy Repair Business

- Low Quality-LOW Price and Terrible Customer Services

I started this article with the good. Now I am taking it down a notch. The iPhone 6 screen repair example I am demonstrating below are OK to poor. That's if you don't care about sacrificing quality for price. But more often than not. BUYER BEWARE!! This could land you with a unusable iPhone and cost you a small fortune.

iPhone 6 Copied Screen Assembly = Low Price Low Quality and could be used as a quick SCAM!

My own experience with a customers iPhone after a repair shop failed to deliver!


Here is a Video I found on Youtube demonstrating a copied iPhone 6 screen that is standard for problems occurring.

What is a Copied iPhone 6 Screen?

Copied iPhone 6 screens are cheap knock off's made in a factory in China. These screens have a variety of quality issues. From the color of the LCD bieng slightly off. To the screen having flaws visible to the eye. Even the screen not functioning correctly. And this could crash your iPhone for good. Leaving you with a brick! Cost of this repair in this market $79.99 up to $199.99 depending on who installs this for you. 

The cheap world of Chinese copies is thriving. Here is a photo of the markets in China that sell these copied screens in massive malls and forward this market by selling on Amazon and Ebay.

These are the unscrupulous individuals trying to make a quick buck off of you.

Buyer Beware and Always do your homework before going to a repair business with the cheapest prices. You may regret trying to save on the cheapest repair.

Use a reputable repair professional proven in the industry for over 5 years! 
Visit Us!

I hope you were able to get something from this article. As I have exposed some basic hard truths to the iPhone screen repair industry. But remember I haven't described all the negative things in this article. Just some basic truth's that I thought I would share. Thank you for reading. Mike W.