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Monday, July 3, 2017

Why Your iPhone Camera May Freak Out?

Is this Voodoo?

    So it's really heating up here in Kansas City as June continues to July. As it starts to heat up I have seen a very weird malfunction appearing on a number of iPhone 6 plus models. So I thought I would post a small post about this weird phenomenon. So a number of people have called me about their rear camera on their iPhone 6 plus.

What is the problem?
When opening the camera app and as it displays the image. I will see the image start to malfunction as if.... it were electronic interference causing the issue. (Video Below)

What can you do?
This got me curious. So I did some research and it turns out this continues to plaque other iPhone 6 plus models. Apple themselves have noticed this and have offered to replace the iphone all together if you bring it in for warranty. But I have found out that sometimes they do not offer warranty on this if they think your iPhone has been tampered with. But the good news is I can take care of this malfunction for you. With no problem and very fast. And if your not in my city. Take it to one of the repair shops in your town or city. And if your unable to do this. You can always try to reset your functions in general. But I honestly doubt that will fix your camera issue. There are just to many variables to consider. But you can try.

Story Time From Real Appointment.

I was making my appointment rounds in Leawood, Kansas yesterday. And one of my customers that works at the US Treasury called and asked me to help her with her camera malfunction. So I asked what it was the camera doing?  And she described the situation to me. After describing the wobble or image as if it were wave. I knew exactly that I could easily take care of this issue for her. And scheduled the repair for the following day.

When I arrived at the US Treasury in Kansas City,Mo I walked in and the Security guys asked for my ID. And I signed in and waited. My client came down a few minutes later. And showed me the issue on her camera. I decided to take a video of the camera wave or interference malfunction. And you will find a video of the malfunction below.

So I took a quick video and began my work. I opened her iPhone 6 plus and quickly removed the lcd and digitizer then baseplate. And ultimately ended up replacing the rear camera assembly. After I put her iPhone back together I started the iPhone up and opened the camera app. And switched to the rear camera. And viola! It worked like nothing ever was wrong.

As alway's! If you find yourself needing your cracked iPhone or iPad Glass Repaired. Please just give me a buzz at the number below. Or visit my website

Thank's for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate all the traffic and support I have received from the Web and our awesome community. Please Share if you would and I will see you on the flip side of July!