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Friday, February 3, 2017

Wait! What is a cracked iphone?

Confusing? Yes No Maybe?

        Ok I have been taking care of Kansas City's iPhone problems for many years now. But I will tell you. Sometimes it's not so clear to me. When you ask me this common question. "How much is it to fix my cracked iPhone screen?" And because this question sounds simple enough in reality their are several questions I must ask to get to the real answer. So I get hit with this question daily. "What is a cracked iPhone screen?" To break down this topic to it's truest forms. I will explain and give details as to the different things that usually go wrong with your iPhone when you drop it. Fair enough?

iPhone Cracked Glass

The most common call I have to answer when someone calls me is, "I cracked my iPhone, how much does it cost to fix it?" Well I generally have to ask 3 or 4 common questions to be able to answer this question. And the questions I have to ask are... 
" Is your glass cracked?" 
"Or is the glass fine but the image picture under the glass the issue?" 
"What iPhone model do you have?"

As I listen to whoever is on the phone with me. The common answer is the glass is shattered or cracked. After that slight mystery is solved. I generally move on to my final question. "Is your phone working fine? Or does your touch screen not work properly?" I generally ask this as to get a sense of the components I need to repair. That's why I will ask these seemingly silly questions. And that's how I generally triage the iPhone that needs repaired. And with these questions answered. I will be able to give a close approximation on what it would cost to fix their specific issues.

I get some individuals that call me and ask me. "My iPhone is cracked but it's only in the home button or my camera is not working correctly. Can you fix this?" Answer is Yes, Absolutely I can.  And wether their question goes off topic. I still will need to ask my general questions. Simply because they still apply.

Ok So Now that I have gotten the general question out of the way. "I cracked my iPhone, how much does it cost to fix?" I can move on to some general images that match what will usually happen when your iPhone is dropped. And the damage that will or could occur.

1. The Common Cracked Glass "Digitizer"

Glass is the part that has damage.

2. iPhone LCD Damage after a drop.

Notice the Glass is not Cracked at all?

3. The Ultra Headache the LCD and the Glass Digitizer Damaged at the same time.

The Glass and LCD are Both Damaged.

4. Rear Camera has cracked Sapphire.

Look Close the glass sapphire has cracked.

5. iPhone Home Button Sapphire Has Cracked.

See the tiny crack?

6. This is Damage that someone usually thinks that can't be fixed but can!

The glass and lcd and home button have completely been obliterated. The iPhone looks new after my repair!

So to wrap us this blog post. I have gone through some basic questions on the topic 
"What is a cracked iPhone Screen?"

Thank you for reading. And if you need help please give me a ring! Or Visit my other website

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